What is the best way to learn guitar on your own?

Learn Guitar On Your OwnWhat is the best way to learn guitar on your own? When you decide to take up the guitar, it is fundamental that you get online guitar lessons for beginners. These allow you to learn what you want, the way you want and at your own pace.

And that’s really the only that you’ll truly excel and have fun while learning to play the guitar. Most of the time, private guitar lessons/teachers are boring. Online lessons like these ones, however, make it fun, easy and fast to get good on guitar.

By now it’s no secret to anyone that the economy is rough. People everywhere are cutting corners, clipping coupons and, unfortunately, going without the very things that can help make a tight budget bearable. It might seem like guitar lessons for beginners fit into this category, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Did you know you can get lessons online now?

Depending on where you live, traditional studio guitar tuition could cost $40 or more for a one-hour session. That means weekly instruction will take about $160 a month out of your pocket, not to mention the cost of sheet music and other materials. This cost is not included in studio lessons, where you end up paying $20 or more just for a book of repetitive practice exercises.

On top of the base expense of lessons and materials, you also have to worry about getting to the studio. Gas isn’t cheap, and even for those who live in areas with public transportation, it still costs money to get from one place to another. If you live in walking distance of an excellent guitar teacher, that’s great. For most of us, however, travel expenses are just another potential roadblock to exploring our passion for music.

Now let’s compare that to online guitar lessons for beginners. At Jam Play, for example, a standard monthly membership will cost you $19.95. If you pay yearly, that cost drops to less than $12 a month. That won’t even get you one half-hour lesson in a studio, but online it gives you free 24-hour access to multiple teachers, a community of fellow students and tons of specialized tools. The heavy financial burden isn’t the only thing online guitar lessons free you from, though.

We musicians like to make our own rules. We tend to be independent thinkers who are more comfortable off the beaten path than on it. Standard studio lessons for beginners can create serious problems for this type of personality. I wonder how many promising musicians never got the opportunity to explore their craft simply because the only available avenues for learning were too strict.

Stress creates serious barriers to learning. That stress can come both from financial issues and restrictive teaching environments. Online guitar lessons for beginners offer the freedom to relax and just enjoy the ride. The economy won’t improve as fast as your guitar playing will with the right music lessons.