Learning How to Play Guitar Online

Online Guitar LessonsIf you’re like most people, at one point or another you have wanted to learn how to play guitar. I think most of us have seen the great guitar players like Eric Clapton, B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughn among others, and wanted to jam like they do.

There is something about guitar that just draws people to want to learn how to play it.

Below you will find some more information on how you can learn to play like the guys we’ve all wanted to play like.

Here are some good places to start:

There are three ways you can learn to play the guitar. You can either take on the long task of teaching yourself, get yourself a guitar instructor or you can learn from an online program.

Trying to teach yourself how to play can be a very long task. Not only will you have to struggle for at least a year before you really begin to understand how to play the instrument, but you will also pick up many bad habits that will only allow you to get so efficient. If you’re interested in online guitar lessons then you’ll want to check out Deviant Noise’s online guitar lessons guide.

While there have been a good number learn on their own, they will even tell you they wish they had taken the time to learn the correct way. It makes your efficiency on the instrument so much better.

You can hire a private instructor to teach you. While this is not a bad way to learn, it can also be very expensive. The average lesson will cost you around $30.00 per half hour. It is going to take you at least six months of lessons before you can call yourself a decent player. That is not counting the time it will take to go over things a few times to make sure you fully understand it.

The third way you can learn to play the guitar is by using an online guitar lesson. The advantages to this far out way the other two options. Our favorite guitar lessons is definitely JamPlay. First, the online programs allow you to learn at your own pace. There is no stress if you did not get a chance to practice last week. You can always go back and refresh what you learned if you had to take some time off.

Second is Guitar Tricks, the price for the quality you get is less than 2 hours of lessons from a private instructor. This alone makes the online programs worth the money. That and you won’t have anybody yelling at you if you did not practice last weeks lessons, or feel like you wasted money going to a lesson you are not prepared for.

I can tell you that playing the guitar well is one of the most rewarding experiences you can ever have. Not to mention it’s always fun to be able to play a song or two people know at a party.

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